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Do you wish that there was a streamlined way to bring in higher engagement, reach, and ROI without giving all your energy away?

You have a brilliant business that you’re so proud of. You just need mentoring to be seen on social media without being sales-y.

You have a fully sustainable business that has yet to create your social media accounts (or have inactive accounts) and want to create a foundational social media presence.

You understand the importance of social media but the overwhelm hits when you feel the pressure to fit into a one-size-fits-all social media box. 

You’re elated by your recent social media post. The content is great and the caption took you over 30-minutes to write. You’re refreshing your notifications every minute only be disappointed by the deafening sound of crickets.

This course will bring you



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and checking your notifications every hour.

I’ve spent the past four years building brand awareness and reputations on behalf of my client’s social media accounts. Through trial & error I’ve cultivated relationships + built a tight-knit community that transformed into a loyal customer-base. I logistically strategized hashtags & content ideas while keeping on top of trends but staying true to each of my client’s values & vision. After months/years of working in partnership for each client, I formulated a custom and seamless social media routine. 

I'm now flipping the script...

the art of social


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The Art of Social

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I’m taking all that I have learned, nurtured, and created from my clients and giving you my exact approach, strategies and tools to implement into your business’s social media accounts. 

I promise you will walk away with a fresh outlook and plenty of support as you make your way through The Art of Social. You will have lifetime access to the course, our private course support group, and Voxer access - which are all ways to have direct access to me & getting those questions answered.


Time to get familiar with Social Media platforms {Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn & TikTok}. Learn the lingo experts use when analyzing and talking about social media, gain insights on your community + how market research plays into building that community of followers. If you are in the initial stage of your social media journey you may not feel totally comfortable talking to the camera and your audience.. yet. In this module you will also find confidence you need to create content and enjoy doing it. We’re finding our purpose, acclimating to the different social platforms, and building up our confidence. This is a space where we can tiptoe into our social experience and start to conceptualize how to market ourselves and our accounts for business.

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In module one, you will start to understand the purpose and use of each social media platform. In module two, we will learn about daily best practices including how to track + measure our performance through analytics metrics. While keeping in mind, as a business owner we transfer our customer service experiences/knowledge into our social media accounts. I’ll introduce you to my best-kept secrets of engagement, including how to find the best times to post, and track ALL the different types of analytics - all essential tools that have brought my Social Media Management clients success & ROI.

daily functions & analytics

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Where we begin to create a seamless connection between your brand elements and your social media accounts. Let’s begin with a basic 101 overview of how to translate your branding into your social media accounts, brand clarity steps, and how to bring you into your social media imagery and messaging.

branding for social media

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This jam-packed module will guide you through organizing your content (including a content calendar template), creating content/photography for social media, copywriting strategies for different styles of captions, and learning how to hashtag intentionally. Did you know that our regular post content should be different than what we are posting to our Stories? Do you know what performs best as a regular post and what makes Story content engaging? We’ll break down IGTV, Reels and FB & Instagram Live with strategies for service and product-based businesses.


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My tips and tricks for transitioning your efforts with your social media audience from “growing more followers” towards creating an exclusive, intentional and impactful relationship with your audience/community. We want our audience to feel like they are part of something inspirational, conversational, with fun messaging designed specifically for them. In this module, I’ve collected my tried and tested tools to bring that tight-knit connection you are longing for using each social media platform’s built-in features. Get ready to create a successful Collective {membership} group.

creating a community

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Now that you feel confident using the functions of your social media platforms, you are ready to show up for our audience. We’ve developed the skillset to create and organize your social media posts, you have learned best practices, how to analyze what content is resonating with your audience, and you now know how to build more meaningful relationships with the people in your community. Now it’s time to shift The Art of Social conversation into generating sales (ROI) using your social media accounts. In this module you will learn proper sales etiquette when selling in the DMs and online, how to start brand partnerships and how to identify who is the right partner to collaborate with. Get ready to create transformative content that speaks to your biz and converts to sales + more!

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Through adolescence and adulthood my creative spark has only become more refined and I weave my skillsets in everything I have my hands involved with. My passions and background are in fashion, interior, staging, styling, documenting moments through photographs and visuals.

JMK Media provides remote social media coaching & 1:1 consulting services. Our mission is to empower our clients by serving confident, successful & achievable strategies centered around defining your brand’s voice, visually telling your story, and providing tools for building your community through personable relationships with your social media audience that come to be loyal customers.

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