For as long as I can remember, I've chased the things that make me feel


As a child I would draft floor plans of my bedroom and rearrange my furniture for fun. In my teenage years I created my first fashion blog (which not so sadly I don’t have any evidence of).

I attended The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Francisco where I received my degree in Visual Communications. My college days meant a great deal to me. It’s the time in my life where I finally found belonging amongst a group of other creative humans who shared similar goals with me, a place that I found resolve for my personal hunger of the non-traditional approach, and finally felt whole by the inspirational sense of finding my inner artist that I had been chasing my whole life.

I took a roundabout way through exploring the different facets of the fashion and social media industries which led me to take my creative passions and formulate my own business, By JMK. My love for visual story-telling through writing, photography, styling and content creation was a catalyst for becoming a full-time Artist & Interior Designer. 

oh, the joy of meeting those like you

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I learned the art of creating a pretty life at my mother’s knee. I grew up around women who create. I’ve always been a collector of memories, fabrics, being present in the way things make me feel. Most notably as I’ve gotten older my favorite things to collect are film/Polaroids while I travel, glassware/crystal and alabaster lamps.

My collection of thoughts and pieces I inject into my home and wardrobe are those of intention, quality and purpose. I chase all things classic and timeless feeling.

my services:

- à la carte design (sourcing service or mini space planning)
- E-Design full room styling
- Content Creation Collabs

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I have five dedicated blog spots — social media notes, daily life, design, journal & style. I'm a firm believer in setting the mood with music. You can tune into my Spotify playlists.

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I regularly contribute to my style & design pages. As I decorate our newly purchased home, I will be adding links to my home page. I create curated collages &
share my outfits to LikeToKnowit. Be sure to follow my Instagram highlights 
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-Yellow is my happy color

-I am a true perfectionist with an inner-critic aka an Enneagram 1 wing 9—my healthy 7 does come out to play a lot!

-I've been described as an overly passionate human

-I’m a Leo born in a Leo sun—I pride myself on my loyalty and fiercely protective nature. Born in a cancer moon—blessed with a striking depth of feeling and imagination.

-My best mornings start slow with a cup of coffee, Archie snuggles and easy-listening tunes in the background.

-I love ending a great day with a pint at a local brewery.

-I let go of stress by having shower concerts

-I'm at my happiest when I'm taking a day trip, have my nose in a book, or my eyes behind the lens

-I document special moments through Polaroids.

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xx, Jac

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