2022 Vision and Planning

My first blog post of the New Year! It’s only fitting that I share with you what I’m dreaming up for 2022. I want to start by stating that there’s going to be welcomed changes.

Firstly, I have changed my business name from “JMK Media” to “By JMK”. The change comes with a new era of my business. I no longer wish to solely be known for my social media coaching & tips. In fact, my only social media services I will be providing going forward will be The Art of Social and digital products. I go into further details about By JMK in this Instagram post.

It’s worth mentioning that as a result of this name change, my cozy lifestyle & design corner of my site will take center stage this year. What was once a creative addition to my business will be the premise of all that I do going forward.

With this focus comes my 2022 goals, vision & planning:

Over the years of being a business owner, there are a few areas I’m (ashamed) to admittedly say that have lacked attention. The first being, understanding and implementing better SEO practices. My focus for Q1 is to put in the SEO work on my site, blog posts & Pinterest. This quarter I will be harnessing a thoughtful Pinterest strategy to grow my monthly views. I’m exploring my marketing plan outside of my normal realm (Instagram & TikTok for example) and utilizing other platforms to connect with others.

In reference to my 2022 moldboard—these are all practices and goals I wish to fully embody throughout the year. I’m the queen of starting healthy habits. Holding them solid for a few weeks. Forgetting to put them into practice. Picking them back up again a few months later. Repeat.

I will leave this repeating habit of mine in 2021.

This year I am welcoming Pacific Northwest travels by making it a goal to visit somewhere new each month. I itch to limit my time on my phone/watching tv at night. I’ll be swapping out 50% of my screen time for a book and conversations with my partner. The month of January, I am launching a curated Home Shop filled with collected items that have been sourced through my favorite past-time, thrifting/antiquing. We have a few home projects of our own that we are dreaming up for spring.

Equally important to my business goals, I have a lingering personal goal to take ownership over. This is the year that I will be more cognizant of my finances and setting my future self up for comfort. This takes form in financial investments such as stocks, property & 401K.

What to expect in the coming weeks and months:

There are a few topics in my moodboard that I am going to dedicate their own posts to in the coming weeks and months. Our upcoming home projects & my routines/content planning schedule, to name a few, are all topics I wish to further dedicate writing space for.

Lastly, I hope that you have found comfort & inspiration during the first week of the new year. Cheers friends! At last, Friday has arrived.



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