Tips on Purchasing Secondhand Designer Pieces Online

The special feeling of investing in a designer piece in one that a girl doesn’t forget. There’s no greater feeling… with the exception of not paying the original price because you snatched up the item secondhand.

Here’s my tips + rules you should always follow when shopping designer pieces online…

Rule No. 1 — ALWAYS measure

Rule No. 2 — returns accepted (preferred). But if your item is final sale then put emphasis on rule 1 & be sure to do research on how the designer’s pieces run. Handy tip when purchasing shoes from Manolo Blahnik, ALWAYS SIZE A HALF SIZE UP!

Rule No. 3 — be sure to purchase your item under the conditions: like new, good, or lightly used. Carefully inspect wear/tear images & read the description thoroughly.

Rule No. 4 — Authenticity. Always use a trusted secondhand retailer when purchasing online and make sure that descriptions & proper markers/identifiers are disclosed. My favorite online retailer is The Real Real.

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