A Letter To Myself

February 13th is the birthdate of JMK Media. Reflecting on my second year in business …

My friend,

Two years ago you made the courageous decision to become self employed. Two years ago on this day, your bravery led to receiving your Certificate of Formation. A piece of paper in your hands that confirms that your dream is now a reality — and you ran for it. But you sure had A LOT to learn.

Year two would be defined as the most creative and refining year. The year that you let go of the fear of sounding like a fraud, got rid of the “not posting enough guilt” and stopped posting just to post, and connected with your loyal audience rather than feeling inferior based on your following count number. You walked into the year with your solid client list from year one — and make new business relationships which turned to collaborations and new clients. It wasn’t always an easy year. The Enneagram 1 inner-critic in you would come out to her appearance {and it wasn’t always at the best times}. But you learned to overcome her.

Year three will be the focus on content creation, sharing more personal stories, refining your style, and community building. Being proud of the quality work you are creating. Here’s to the next adventure!

Until next time,


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Through adolescence and adulthood my creative spark has only become more refined and I weave my skillsets in everything I have my hands involved with. My passions and background are in fashion, interior, staging, styling, documenting moments through photographs and visuals.

I am a creative entrepreneur who is filling her days with her creative passions: interior design, gardening, decorating our new home, blogging, pottery, cooking and documenting life through my Sony A6600 & film cameras.

I'm Jacqueline,

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